Motivation Coaching Metaphysical Counselling Testimonial

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this counselling just to restore one’s well-being and harmony to one’s spirit, emotions and as well as physically. If you have sickness, illnesses or diseases, please consult your doctor and seek proper medical advice and treatment. We DO NOT diagnose, prescribe or treat any of diseases. This is just a place of relaxation and reflection to restore Nature’s Joy and Vitality.


After 10 sessions of healing, my son is more cheerful and more alert of the surroundings. He enjoyed all the sessions with the therapist who was very friendly and helpful. Within the first 45 days of the protocol, he had better eye contact and bowel movement. Speech is slowly picking up with small, short spontaneous communication. Confident to see more progress with the healing sessions and oil protocol.

Mother, Malaysia

I have been very pleased with the treatment given to me by the community.

They developed a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses to my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Therapist focusing on reduce inflammation, joint stiffness, posture correction.

The achievement result after completed 15 sessions of treatment, my medicine dosage has been reduced from 6 tablets to 4 tablets and following up check up with specialist also has been extended from 13 weeks to 16 weeks.

With the right guidance and support, my Rheumatoid Arthritis can achieve better symptom control and an improved overall of my life.

Kathryn, Malaysia

The trouble of high cholesterol for more than 10 years has improved. The blood test report in June 2023 showed that cholesterol is still very high, especially triglycerides. At the age of 42, the doctor suggested that I take western medicine to control it, but I don’t want to take western medicine often, so I made an appointment for consultation. At that time, my wife and I met the community together. The first thing they said was: Can you not eat meat? Especially beef. I said beef is my favorite 😅 Think about it, should I take western medicine often or quit eating meat? After consulting with teacher, he gave me some natural therapies. At first, I was worried about how to detoxify? I have had a long-term stomachache problem. Fortunately, my wife has made up her mind like me to stop eating meat and do detoxification. After 4 months of conditioning, I went for a blood test again, and the report showed obvious improvement. Triglycerides dropped from 7.01 in June to 2.71. I am very happy to see that I don’t need to take western medicine 😄 My stomachache problem has also improved. Now I do indirect detoxification and my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore 🙏 Until now, I still continue the natural therapy given by the teacher to make myself and my family’s health and mental state better and better. Thank you for the hard work of the teacher and community members. Thank you❤

Daniel, Malaysia

My mother was sickly due to long-term overwork and having seven children. In addition to seeing Western doctors, she also knew that Western medicine only treats the symptoms but not the root cause, so she would see Chinese medicine everywhere to regulate her body. However, her health did not improve, and the illnesses kept coming. She had surgery for varicose veins. Then she had surgery to remove kidney stones. She had angioplasty surgery because of long-term high blood pressure that caused blockage of heart vessels. Due to irregular heartbeat, high uric acid, high blood pressure and other factors, she had to take a lot of Western and Chinese medicine every day to control her condition, hoping that it would not get worse. However, she also faced knee pain and sought medical treatment everywhere. She tried acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, various ancient prescriptions, and folk remedies. In the past few years, her health has deteriorated further. Her body has become fatter and swollen, and she has pain all over her body. Last year, her feet swelled up for no reason and she couldn’t walk, so she was hospitalized for treatment. She was discharged a few days later. Her feet were less swollen, but it became inconvenient to move and walk. My mother was very depressed. We had no choice. Fortunately, my friend arranged for someone who had not seen the school to treat my mother with natural therapy. He also arranged for a therapist to treat and detoxify my mother. In just 2 months, my mother’s health has improved greatly. She has lost a lot of weight, and the swelling in her body has obviously subsided. Her mental state is much better. Her hands and feet are lighter, and her complexion is better. They often come to treat my mother, and often send blessings and encouragement to my mother, and also teach her the correct living habits and eating habits. Thank you❤


I am cheah, because I did a CT scan and found out that there is a blockage of 75% in the heart. Because I don’t want to do an angiogram immediately, I got to know this community through my brother. I plan to use the protocol for 6 months before doing an angiogram. I went back to the hospital for a check-up 6 months later, and I was happy to learn that there was no blockage in my heart and I didn’t need to insert a stent.

Floral Cheah

I’m Pui Man from Malaysia and I’ve been part of this community for a while. The purpose is to enhance my energy and make myself better and better. In a case of serendipity, the community introduced a regimen that sounds very beneficial. Since it is so good, I will try it for my skin to have no freckles. In 3 months, in addition to my improved skin, I lost weight unexpectedly. In 3 months I lost 17kgs. My weight has only been going up since I had my baby. I have tried many ways to lose weight, some method were quite extreme, but I still can’t lose weight.

Grateful to be part of this community.

Pui Man, Malaysia
Consistent Post Covid-19 Symptoms Recovered

After recovering from Covid last year July, I was having some post Covid symptoms like continuous sinus and cough, difficulty to breath during mid night and this happen very consistently and causing I was unable to have proper sleep and rest for a long period of time. And these also affect my emotion. After knowing about the community and follow the protocol that shared by the community and change my lifestyle, I have totally see the difference within a short period. I have recovered from all the post Covid symptom and I become more energetic and more positive

Lungs infection with phlegm and lots of blood

I had a lung infection (bad cough and flu) for almost a week, the phlegm was green color with lots of blood. I decided to try natural antibiotic instead of medicine, to my surprised, after 1 day with the natural antibiotic, I felt better and after 2 days the blood in phlegm became very less. 4 days times I am almost recover only left some small coughing. It was amazing

Lymphoma Recovered

My husband was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a type of cancer to lymphatic system, in April 2022. We came to know the community through my sister-in-law and decided to seek help. We follow the protocol suggested by the community and going through the treatment in hospital as well. My husband is now fully recover and we are thankful to the community! Hope our message can give encouragement, good energy and power to the others who are in the journey of healing.

Chai Lee

In early December 2022, I suffered from a severe skin problem, with almost 80% of my skin inflamed, accompanied by a large number of blisters, burning, redness, and stinging.

After being diagnosed by a dermatologist, I was found to have acute eczema. However, even with a large amount of medication prescribed by the doctor, there was no guarantee that my skin would recover within the expected four to nine months.

Thankfully, I received help from the community, I was amazed to see that within just one month, my skin had almost completely healed.

What I appreciated most about the protocol was that it was both effective and safe, with no negative side effects. I am very grateful for the encouragement and support that my friends in the community gave me when I was most helpless and panicked, and I am also grateful that Group healing helped me to alleviate the discomfort and insomnia caused by my eczema.

Jynette, MY
Nerve damaged by shingles improved

The nerve on the left side of my father’s face was damaged by shingles, and he felt local numbness, heat and pain when he had an attack. It can occur several times a day and seriously affects life and sleep. It only got more and more painful. Tried several doctors and treatments but nothing worked. Later, I thought it would be better to try natural therapy, and the team helped to teach my mother to use a customised protocols to treat my father. After 6 consecutive weeks of treatments, my father has improved significantly. Now the nerve lines in his face are no longer painful as before, and his life and sleep have improved.

Pui Wah

On 15Aug2022, I saw the testimonies of the seniors students. I also decided to dare to go to see community. In the past six years, I have been trying to conceive a third child but failed. After using the protocol provided by community step by step, I accidentally became pregnant in September. But I didn’t know and I went to check and couldn’t find out that I was pregnant. The doctor said it might be pcos. I found out that I was really pregnant. I really didn’t expect that follow community protocol could recover faster than my scheduled period. Here I would like to thank everyone for being very strong and continuing to help us with treatment. Thanks for meeting this wonderful community.

Anmes, Malaysia

After I contacted Covid in April , I begin to have fear and heart palpitation ,feeling restless, no appetite and memory lost. After I consulted community and follow strictly with simple forms of living process I can say that I have recovered and now feeling good. I am very grateful and thankful to the people of this community.

Catherine, Malaysia
Autistic child start to speak and ask questions in just 3 months

My 10 year old son is autistic and also has ADHD and speech delay. For the past 7 years, I kept looking for a better solution, experts and doctors to help my son. I kept searching and one day I met the community. I follow the protocols and the process that the community leader gave my son accordingly. In just 3 months, miraculously my son start to be able to express himself with words better! On top of that, he starts having his own opinions and thoughts! Thank you very much to this healing community.

Candice, Malaysia

At first, I have immense pain on my hips whenever I walk. But, after getting help from this community, my hips are now better. With their continuous support, self-healing and guidance, I am able to do some workouts to help my hips heal itself. I am really pleased with my progression and I couldn’t do it better without the help from this community.

Ida, Bandung

Sharmaine has improved, it is very subtle but we noticed it as her family member, she is more able to express herself to her close ones and able to initiate conversations, previously she was not able to due to her austism

It also helps with her body detox as I notice, her toilet now more smooth

Thank you the healers and community for simple process. in way of living!

Annie Khor

I met the community and understand simple self reliance and self healing. My son has improved as compared to previously, he is more open now when communicating and interacting.

Previously, when he met problems he will be stuck and go into recluse for many days, sometimes even weeks. Now, when met with problems, he will recover and break out of the cycle in just a few hours. I am happy to meet all these wonderful souls and their way of life.

You Li

Starting March 2021, I have felt changes on my body as I felt confused, lethargic, and sensitive to cold temperature. In May 2021, blood test was shown that I have thyroid disturbance with anti-TPO above normal range showing I am having Hashimoto.

I have consulted with some local endocrinologist, but no treatment given yet as evaluation will be needed for the next 6 months. Knowing the symptoms, I made the appointment with the community and was guided how we should live in healthier way and the protocol was given.

About a week after following the protocol, I found my strength back to do daily tasks and gained myself back again. Approximately two months later, I was so surprised that my thyroid profiles showing anti TPO (Hashimoto indicator) has been falling into normal range as well as the other markers.

I may have to live with it, but I am grateful that I have known my body, and there is a way for me to get myself back and maintain this condition. Therefore, I am grateful and thank this community so much. Thank you!

Thyroid Hashimoto Disease
Epilepsy Issue

It was in 2018 December that my daughter first experienced focal epilepsy.

With medical advice to keep piling on medication, I felt a nudge in me that says —-there MUST be some other way out, MUST. I went to seek the advice of community. And was given a protocol to calm and ground my daughter . I learnt to ground her nervous system everyday.

The doctor says we can consider cutting down on medication should there be no further episodes. Today we went for an EEG and the after so long, the doctor agreed that we can cut down on medication.

This is one very wonderful piece of news and I have the supportive community to thank—-from the bottom of my heart.

The community emphasises on the process.

The fact is , there was nothing complicated in the process at all. But in the process of following it, there was so much learning in the how.

I learned it is therapeutic not just for her but for me, and I had to learn how to prepare myself before I go to her. I learned that you can call upon your guides to bless and preside over the process and intend beautiful things. Its beautiful when these come into your know naturally.

She enjoys today and that will be one very precious thing for both of us. Above all, seeing that you can heal with heart, and someone can experience this bloom of healing is nothing words can describe.

I subscribe to the premise that given the right conditions our body can heal. Let’s continue to make these right conditions.

Pin Yen, Singapore

At the beginning of this year, my family has undergone tremendous changes.

It was my eldest daughter’s first semester of primary school this year, her mood began to be unstable. She emotionally collapse quite often, it happened again and again. My husband and I tried our best to avoid conflicts. If we don’t pay attention, every little thing in life can become the seed that lead to bigger conflict that can spiral down out of control.

Gradually, she began to treat us violently. In severe cases, she would throw the chair at me, punch and kick. No matter how we persuaded, prevented or forced her to tone down or control, she still attacked like crazy.

At home, anytime, anywhere will become a battlefield. In those days, it was very frustrated and helpless for my husband and me. Until one day, I accidentally saw on my husband’s mobile phone that my husband was researching about various treatment methods for patients in the mental hospital, and I was frightened. I have to ask for help.

I don’t want my daughter to take medicine permanently and be “labelled”. Western medicine will be my last choice.

When I was enquiring for hypnotherapy, I was advised to see the community leader for alternatives. For more than an hour during the conversation with the community leader, our daughter was also there. The leader asked my daughter some questions, and then subsequently have a deep conversation with my husband and me (obviously, what we discussed deeply affected her). The community suggested some adjustments in life and diet. My daughter was also very willing to cooperate. We followed this protocol for two weeks. She changed significantly. The next thing was amazing. The emotional collapse was gone, and her mood became stable.

The home is no longer a battlefield. And I also benefited because of my daughter. Cultivated my body, mind, and soul, and become vegetarians together.

Si Ying, Singapore

Last two weeks had been quite an intense drama moment for me. It’s all started when I was doing therapy for my brother who suddenly got fever and cough, which eventually turned out to be Covid positive. His whole family including my mom was also infected in the end, regardless of the full complete covid vaccination they had with high antibody they have developed afterwards.

The following night, I started to get severe flu symptoms like coughing, full body aching, fever, and difficulty sleeping. I kept waking up every hour during the night. I kept on drinking water and take my supplements with full intention to fight the virus heads on. The next morning , I felt so much better, the body aches and flu symptoms subsided. I took antigen test and It was negative, which boost my confident. I continue to rigorously using natural remedies to strengthen my immune system. I then started doing light outdoor activities to keep me motivated and ready to be back to my normal daily routine. Amazingly , I could sleep through the night soundly. The following morning, I took a walk and did some sun bath with my daughter. Only to learn later in the afternoon, my fever and all flu symptoms came back with vengeance. To make the matter worst, two of my three children were having the same flu simptoms just like mine. They lose sense of smell and taste. Breathing became short and heavy, persistent coughing as if I have acute laryngitis and could not talk. The condition become worsen than before. Finally, We called in our family doctor to examine us and she diagnosed us with Covid positive. She perscribed some medication including invermectin that had cured my brother. However, my body didn’t respond well to ivermectin, my hands trembled badly, nauseated, fever, constant coughing that lead me to lost my appetite and feel extremely fatique.

I believe the doctor medication was too strong for my body, so I returned to take my natural remedies closely and diligently as suggested by my community leader. Thank God, after 2 days, together with the Chinese herbal tea drink given by my mom, my symptoms subsided considerably .

Now, my family has won over the fight with this covid virus. Here are the lessons we learnt:

1. Total bedrest is a must when you feel your body is fighting against discomfort symptoms, especially during this season of covid pandemic.

2. Be Mindful what you put into your body

3. Vaccination doesn’t warant us free from infection. I haven’t got any vaccine before, but compared to my brother who had been vaccinated, I can say that my initial symptoms was lighter than him, if I have not gone crazy with unecessary activities, I think I would have skipped being positive with Vaccine.

4. As the virus is very close to us and can attack us no matter how well we equipped ourselves and kept distance from others, hence maintaining a healthy body full with sufficient minerals and supplements are key to maintain good immune to fight the virus.

5. After your body is strong enough, it really helps to stay in the sunlight for 20 mins in the morning along with deep inhale and exhale exercise, it helps to bring back the lung capacity to breath for good oxigen intake.

6. Last of all, our capacity to develop and maintain relationship with our friends and family is fundamental in supporting our well being during this pandemic. I feel so grateful to receive all the cares and loves from my family and my community teammates that I can peacefully rest and focus on my healing process.

I am hopeful that my above sharing will provide good insights for us all during this time where covid becomes more infectious.

Malang, Indonesia

My mum was diagnosed for breast cancer stage 2B eight years ago, when she was confirmed through biopsy from her oncology in Singapore and the cancer then was taken out by operation.As a family, we decided to seek natural therapies and adjusted lifestyle to maintain her health, which ranges from healthy eating following advice from a medical doctor, five years of ‘divine smoke and amalgam detox’ while taking so many other supplements introduced by people.

Her overall health was stable as she regularly underwent all the above treatments, until two years ago, she started to have many discomfort symptoms like bleedings, shortness of breath, sudden frequent fevers, restlessness, lack of energy, and significantly darkened skin color, especially around the face. We tried immono therapies in a Clinic Jakarta; We took her for three weeks health retreat in one of the natural health centre in Ubud, Bali, run by an Irish naturopath where She went through vegan diet, different kinds of fasting, liver and colon detox intensively that helped improv her conditions then, however, returning home, she barely can go through similar lifestyle and diet, therefore her condition continue to deteriorate.

By this time, April 2020, I was introduced to this community and took the initiative to seek consultation from the leader that introduce me to a whole protocol for cancer patients. He advised my mum to do intermittent fasting, clean eating, supplementation with wholesome nutrients, and vegetarian diet. Unfortunately, at that time, my family still opt to continue the previous theraphy, and my mum could not commit to follow the vegetarian and fasting protocols.

The “amalgam detox therapy with balur’ that she did for 5 years, eventually until end of last year has to stop since it has caused her heavy bleeding that endangered her condition, which led her HB level to only 4. As we got more desperate, at the end, western medication advise was the next we seek and tried. Mum when through oral chemotherapy and series of radiations, unfortunately the results was not good. The cancer cells reacted negatively unexpectantly, hence operation was not a wise option too because the cancer already mesastase and too big. We were all really sad and hopeless for a while, and decide seek palatif option and let her go through the rest of her life peacefully without harsh medical intervention.

This was when we tried to do all the protocols suggested by this community consistently, together with Gerson enemas, and other chinese herbs like ki che, ling zhe, and ‘Indonesian bajakah’. After 3 weeks now of intensive approach, within 10 days, mama’s cancer wound dried out and shrank. She no longer feels short of breath, easily tired, and her skins started to glow. Her energy level improved until now and her mood started to improved.

Our family are so grateful for the caring attention and advises from this community in supporting us through our journey to health using this natural way. The power of love and prayers that my mum received from the family and friends have been the key foundation for her daily motivation to live and get better. Looking back to all our struggles and efforts to keep her relatively healthy, we can only appreciate the grace of life she has until now in a pain-free condition. Truly its an Amazing Grace! Thank you, Everyone!

Indonesia, Charity

Aug 2020 was a total nightmare for me as a mother of a 12yrs old girl. My daughter was so rebellious back then and she was also emotionally down. She ignored everything I said, didn’t even bothered to talk to me. She would yell at me and retorted everything I said. She neglected all her online homework and said she hated school, thus ended up not going to school for a whole month. She even threw her school bag in front of me. Her class teacher tried to talk to her but to no avail. I was furious, deeply stressed out and felt totally helpless. Eventually, I thought of the community and texted the community leader about the problem that I was facing with my daughter. The community was so helpful and I really thank God for that.

Since then, I’ve followed the community’s advice and protocol; and thankfully to date my daughter has changed significantly for the better. She is very cheerful nowadays and can better handle her emotions. She promptly finishes her homework. She talks to me daily, asks me questions and ideas and would sometimes even dance together with me. I am so grateful and indebted to the community and the suggestions that the community gave all worked amazingly. Thank you.

Singapore, Anonymous Mommy

My father has had 3 highs since 1990 and he eats like everyone normally; thinking nothing wrong. Of course as father, he won’t listen to me. 2 months ago he warded to emergency, his kidney failed almost 100 percents with toxins oozing out from his red lesioned skin throughout his body; intense Itch is torture to him. He was weak and breathless. His frail body has skin peeling of like red onions… Doctor told us his kidney left 5 Percent function plus a diabetic patient has no hope of recovery. Dialysis is a must. My Dad threatened to kill himself if he were to dialysis (sigh…humans..). I negotiated with team of doctors that if dad could regain his kidney function to 60 Percent by 6 weeks. maybe dialysis could be omitted.

Today his report on his kidney function is back 50 percent improvement! Dialysis free . Thank you community support!

Singapore, Paul


My mother in law had a 1.2cm tumour located at her left frontal lobe. At first I found out that she had epilepsy (about 30s to 2 min) episodes in March 2020. Doctor prescribes Levet 250mg for her, and she feel tired but no epilepsy attack.

However, after she finished her first 2 months of levet 250mg, Her epilepsy on and off comes back, we can’t found any medicine here in town, so while she’s waiting for her medicine to arrive, I gave her new process and life style within a month.

Her entire body feel energised ( different than before ) and no epilepsy attack so far.

Thanks to everyone in community.

Stay safe and healthy everyone. God bless ❤️

Shenny, Bintulu, Borneo

During the Spring Festival virus outbreak period, everyone in China were self-quarantine, cannot go out. I stay in Guang Zhou. My 7-year-old little daughter had a high fever, which is 39.5 degree suddenly. I was very nervous and worried because I dare not go to the hospital… I am afraid of infection. Usually I would have sent her to doctor already, because she always needs antibiotics and injections in order to reccover. Ran out of resources of solution, I thought of a friend in Singapore and I asked for help. He taught me to how to use natural remedies to bring down the fever. I followed the protocol given regularly and before I knew, it was already midnight 2 plus, my daughter start sweating, temperature back to normal, and had a bowel movement in the early morning. I was afraid that the fever would come back again, so continue to do the protocol regularly. She eventually recovered without any medications. Her energy and appetite also not bad. At that time, I was very touched and grateful for the help of my friend. I am truly amazed by the power of natural remedy. I hope that sharing can help more people, thank you.

JieWen, Guang Zhou

My husband was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease(CKD) stage 4 to 5. His creatinine level was 451 and eGFR 11. He was warded in emergency and the doctor informed him to prepare for dialysis or kidney transplant if no improvement.

I quickly thought of our community leader as I have personally experienced health optimum from his wisdom.

My husband was not well and due to the urgency, I arranged a zoom consultation and the community gave him the protocols to follow. After 3 weeks, when he had his blood test done again, his creatinine level dropped to 325 and his eGFR went up to 17. All in just 2 months! Dialysis not needed at all till now! No kidney transplant needed!

We are very grateful to the community’s protocols and my husband now continues with his favourite hiking trails.

Big thank you to the community! We have faith in your work.


My son, 11 years old, was introduced to the community in middle of Oct 2019 due to one of the slide was presented with regards to Scoliosis. I was much interested to bring him along as he as considerably mild case of 20 degree single curve Scoliosis and 40 degree of kyposis at his age at 11 years old. Although the doctor mentioned he just need to be monitored along with exercises, I as a Mum cannot sit still till the curve gets worsened till it gets eligible for having it braced during this coming puberty in which usually the curve may increasingly grown.

We have followed the protocol.

To my surprise.. Even though up to this moment, I cannot know the progress of his Scoliosis without xray, i feel he is eager to change behaviorally. He wants to be better and somehow i feel more connected to him.. During his 3 years in lower primary, he was considerably very active and had a shorter span of concentration. I am so grateful on his changes. He knows and is aware more of his surroundings. I do hope and pray for his continuous improvement while we as parents also have faith, courage and willingness to be aware of the new diet suggested for better change. I am grateful. So much.


My mom got very bad leg pain due her spinal stenosis and she got osteoporosis. So Dr suggested that she go for operation to straighten her spine. This will be her 2nd spine operation if she need to do it. So we decided to seek the community for advise. She follow the advised and diligently watched her diet and do the therapy as recommended. During her next Dr visited and was given a clearance that no operation was needed as her spine has straighten a lot from the x-ray as compared to previous one taken few months back!

Ivy Wong. SG

It was with much skepticism that I went to consult the team five months ago. However, as a mother who was desperately seeking treatment for a sick child, there was no hesitation.

My son was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017. Since then, he had undergone 3 major brain surgeries and chemotherapy. The surgeries had left him with right-sided weakness (similar to symptoms of stroke patients), vision issue, speech issue and deteriorated cognitive functions.

The advice and treatment protocol suggested by the team was abstract yet simple. My husband and I were bewildered if it could really work. Nevertheless, the team was confident that my son’s condition would improve if we adhere to the protocol. It was the confidence of the team that drawn my husband and I to give it a go as no other doctors could give us such assurance.

True enough, my son was able to say short sentences after two months of treatment and his cognitive functions has clearly improved. He can even argue and fight with his siblings today. His appetite and sleeping pattern has improved as well.

We praise the Lord for leading us to the team.

The team is truly gifted to provide alternative treatment to people in need of help which no other doctors could.

Christine Chong

My mum was diagnosed in liver cancer stage 2 in Feb 2018. CT scan revealed there were 4 tumours in liver separated in different region. After joining the community, use of protocol and change of daily habits, her tumour become 1 and doesn’t need any chemo or laser therapy after 1 year ( Jan 2019)

Lee, Bintulu, Bandung

I never realised how it’s so important to have time for yourself until the past couple of days. I found time to revitalise myself and find the energy which I truly lost just thinking about things I have to get done or seeing to others except myself.

I experienced 2 days of energy works at the centre and learnt to observe my mind with Meditation. For the first time, I felt so well rested in 6 years of my busy routine.

Thanks for reminding me it’s essential to make myself balanced and happy before I can pass that happiness onto others. It’s amazing how these methods can do so much wonders for the soul❤.

Misha, Bandung

I was diagnosed to have pneumonia with bad infection at right lung and being hospitalised. Everyday I suffered from spike fever at 40 degree celcius and had hard time with chesty cough. At Day 5, I came to think about the Healing community and texted them about my conditions. I followed their special protocol. My thickening phlegm cleared out a lot, no more spike fever visiting and finally I discharged from hospital at Day 10. During the course of treatment, my doctor was aware about the uses of my own method and he was happy that the outcomes were impressive.

Again, thanks community for the protocol that works marvellously during my critical illnesses.

Goh Swee, Sabah, Malaysia

I’m a CIDP case.
(Chronic Inflammation Demyelination Polyneuropathy) My left hands and foot drop, I have to walk with walking frame. The sensation of my left upper and lower limbs were affected. I was unable to feel them. As I knew that CIDP will ended up bed ridden, in order to avoid that, I start to look for many treatment and consultation. After getting to know the community and sessions, I was able to feel my hands and leg in just 8 weeks time. I am able to extend my hand and flex my foot. The quality and speed of movement improved. Now I can cook with my own and walk with my own. Im still in progress of healing. Thanks you! 🙏🏻

Helen, Bintulu

My mum went for pap smear and was diagnosed with severe dysplasia (CIN3). She was told to remove her cervic. I heard many community success stories for natural healing. So we have decided to give a try. With the guidance from the Community members on the protocols. After 3 months my mum went for pap smear again. WOW!!! Amazingly the growth had reduced to mild dysplasia (CIN1). Beside that her other health issues also improved. Vision clearer, flexible joints, grown more hair, no constipation, more energize and sleep well at night. She had made the right choice. Thanks to the Community members.


After completing a few sessions of facial manipulation therapy, I am pleased to say that there has been significant improvements in the areas where my nerves had been previously affected. During the sessions, there is transmission healing energies where is most needed for healing to take place. My road to recovery is made possible by healing hands.. And I am confident enough with my results to say.. That its the real deal!

Pamela, UK

I have tried a lot of different healers and healing, This community expertise is the only one who actually worked for me.

I can’t squat for many years due to joint pain. After just one session, I can easily kneel down now suddenly

Community is frank, down to earth and cares about their members. The session is worth every penny!

Priscilla Long, Singapore

After years of trying for a second child, with Western Fertility Doctors and TCM Physicians telling me that my chances of conceiving is super low, I decided to take a chance and explore natural remedies instead of going for surgery or IVF.

I believe God helped me to meet the right people. After 3 months of therapy with the Community and following the given protocol, I was pregnant with my second child. Given that doctors have told me that having one child naturally is like striking lottery, this is a miracle.

Furthermore, chances of miscarriage was very high at 50% due to a blood clot in my uterus. However, after consultation and following what was instructed, the blood clot disappeared. I was also told that blood flow to baby was not good when I was 6 weeks along, and the detailed scan at 20th week picked this up and my gynaecologist put me on aspirin to thin the blood and improve blood flow to baby.

I am very thankful to the Community for the safe and beautiful delivery of my baby! She is indeed a miracle and a gift from God.

Sue Lin, Financial Consultant, Singapore
Hello, my name is Julie, 75 years old.
I have been suffering from kidney disorders, gout on both ankles, feeling cold all day and a lump on my right leg for nearly 5 years.

In the last few months, both of my legs are getting weaker, swollen and painful. The sore become so excruciating that I must use a cane to walk on a
short distance. This prompted me to consult with kidney specialist overseas.

To my surprised, the doctor advised me to have dialysis for my kidney and operation for the lump.
devastated and shocked, i told my doctor to give me a week to think it through.

After discussed
with family members, I was recommended to try hollistic healing approach.

The Healing Community gave me a simple protocol to follow and vegetarian diet.
I am following the protocol for a week and amazing things happened. My body starts to feel lighter, not boated and not cold. The pain is no longer there and the lump reduces in size.

I’m thrilled and so happy to have morning walk again today.

From the deepest of my heart, i am grateful to Isams teams and wish you
Continue helping others and may God bless you all

Thank you and love you,

Julie, Malang city

After being told that I am high risk for cancer in 2016, and refusing to go on some “pre-chemo” drug to bring down the risk, I embarked on a “vegan” diet overnight and on an alternative treatment. In this 1.5 years, I have lost touch with friends who no longer invite me for makan, friends whose jaw will automatically drop and ask the question “so what do you eat?” and friends who ask “so where does your protein and calcium come from?”. I have also gained the respect from friends who found my fighting spirit and determination out of this world, especially for someone who loves cheese, butter, pizzas, fish and chips and the list goes on…

Today, the diet and alternative treatment paid off. The scan shows a reduction in “nodules” by 90% and those remained had reduction in size. Praise God! and I need not have to go for another scan till 1 year later.

God is great! He guided me and gave me strength and I know He will continue to bless my health.

Lily Heng
I am a patient with a hereditary thyroid disease. I must take Western medicine for 18 months to control the condition. At 11 months of western medicine, got a chance to meet the community. They advised according to my condition and encouraged me to follow n try for 3 months. After only a short period of 2 months, took a blood test, it was quite unexpected that the doctor told me that my condition had improved and I could stop taking the current western medicine. At the time, I
was so happy that I was very grateful to the community, and my friend’s help, which made my illness turn very well.
Eelyn, Puchong
I started having my eczema on the palm about a year ago. It is bothering me very much, but I didn’t do anything much about it as it is still manageable even though very very troublesome.

However, after a trip to Japan during winter last year, I started having very bad rashes all over my arms, legs, and stomach, and it was extremely itchy and the infection start to happen due to scratching. I cannot sleep well as the itch is unbearable and I have to wake up once or twice every night due to the itchiness, and every shower is a pain, as contact with water really sting my skin all over the place. I cannot concentrate well in my work and unable to do my job properly.

I visited a GP, and they gave me some antibiotic and steroid cream. It was helping at the beginning but not entirely clear up the rashes. Once the antibiotic and the cream finish, the rashes was getting worse again and the itch became unbearable. I visited the same GP, and he gave me another dose of steroid cream, but I found that it was not effective anymore.

A friend recommended me to listen to the community.

In the first month following the program, the eczema was getting even more serious and my arms and legs were swollen badly due to infection. They mentioned it is normal as the body is trying to purge out the toxic and the battle is ongoing and told me to persevere.

From week 6 onward, the situation was starting to take a turn. My infection start to heal and the itchiness and the rash start to disappear.

Now, after 11 weeks on this treatment, my condition is so much better than even last year before my trip to Japan. It is not entirely clear up yet, especially on the palm area, but I feel so much better. The rashes on the arms, legs and stomach are practically gone. Although I still feel the itch on the palm occasionally, especially if I didn’t apply moisturizer for long period of time or didn’t drink enough water for the day, but it is very bearable and does not force me to start scratching badly like before.

I’m still continuing the diet and the treatment and hoping to totally clear the toxic from the body and get rid of the eczema. I feel really grateful to be able to start this healing journey and improve my quality of life.

Herman Hartono
My 8-years-old daughter was diagnosed to have astigmatism, right eye -3.0 and left eye -2.5 in Oct 17. After consult team and follow the advice, the eye check report on 28/12/17 show Right -2.0 and Left -1.75. What a great improvement! Even though base on the eye check result on Dec 17, it is still advisable to get a spec for my daughter, but in view of the power reduce, the eye specialist agree with me to monitor another 3 months to see the progress. 💪🏻Thanks team for the advice. 🙏
Zzwei, Mother, Kuala Lumpur
My name is Judith, I’m 23 years old. I’ve been suffering from an autoimmune disease – Lupus since 2013. I got tired easily and my joints ached all over, and couldn’t do activities like other girls my age do. I took so many medication, in and out hospital multiple times.

In 2017, my condition worsen and I was hospitalized 3 times. I couldn’t walk, it was too painful. I also suffered from severe headache, tummyache, imsonia, massive hair loss, breathing problem. I had no menses for one year and I kept losing weight until reach the point of 35kg. There was no improvement in blood test after being on medication for months.

Until one day, in October 2017, I had consultation with Team I followed their protocols. Team keeps monitoring my condition and giving me counsel in hospital and my home.

Praise God, in December 2017, my condition started to improve. I resumed my activities slowly. My imsonia, joint pain, tummy ache, hairloss, and headache have improved tremendously. I started to gain some weight as well. In the beginning of Feb 2018, my menses is back.

I keep using protocols and I experience no more breathing problem.

I’m truly grateful to friends and team who have helped me in prayers and donating for me. God bless you multifold times 🙏🏻

Judith, Bandong
My mum had 2 operations on her spine and twice silicon injection to prevent her vertebrae from collapsing and to relieve the pain. She had to sit up to sleep or sleep with her face down for just few hrs in the night due to the pain on the spine.
Specialist told us that my mum can only depend on painkiller to ease her pain, nothing else can be done to help her. By chance that we get to seek Team’s help, just after 2 mths, my mum is able to sleep normally lying on her back just like everyone else, no longer had to depend on painkillers. We brought her for holiday soon after treatment which she didn’t even think it’s possible after tortured by years of pain.
Many thanks to the team for the speedy healing!
Daughter of Mdm Tham, Singapore
We would like to express our gratitude to the team for his advice on how it has made the recovery journey for my mum a smooth journey. Human spirit!

Mum has made tremendous recovery with the constant treatment prior each of her chemo sessions due to stage 4 pancreatic cancer and we are grateful to have met the Team! We will continue to seek their advice on maintaining good health!

Doctor say the tumour had shrunk but no fully cleared in MRI image but he said it looks fine.
When he did scope , he can’t see anything. Inside the nose is clear.
Just to be on the safe side need to do the MRI in future.

After sessions with wonderful team, I can breathe better now, compared after I had radiation for Nose Cancer, where I had to sleep with half sitting position because of nose blocked.
Now I can sleep lying down on my back and my body posture is getting better too.
After each session of therapy, my body always feel light and relax. I always have nice feeling inside and can feel positive energy.
Will continue the own healing for my overall body from head to toe 😊.
Thank you team.

My mum had 2 operations on her spine and twice silicon injection to prevent her vertebrae from collapsing and to relieve the pain. She had to sit up to sleep or sleep with her face down for just few hrs in the night due to the pain on the spine.
Specialist told us that my mum can only depend on painkiller to ease her pain, nothing else can be done to help her. By chance that we get to seek Team’s help, just after 2 mths, my mum is able to sleep normally lying on her back just like everyone else, no longer had to depend on painkillers. We brought her for holiday soon after treatment which she didn’t even think it’s possible after tortured by years of pain.
Many thanks to the team for the speedy healing!
Daughter of Mdm Tham, Singapore
I was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer. My mind was in a state of despair and at wit’s end. I came to see the Team. They freed me from anxieties and fears and brought me back to life again.

After 3 months of chemo and this program, I made remarkable improvement, my tumour marker came down from 9600 to 280 ! The battle is just half way thru, but I am blessed and glad that the Team were part of my healing.

Getting on the self empowerment journey is one of the best decisions i made for myself.

I have keloids on my body and they would flare up and be painful , releasing pus n blood. At best, they are itchy.

It is daunting and depressing and very trying because the cycle repeats.

Little did I know that these were related to diet.

I started on the journey 1.5 years back. And I can say, i still know nothing of process workings.

But with wise advice for new process, I picked up the importance of giving myself time n self care.

I think healing starts from here. It has to be something organic that emerges out of the inside, that is the most precious source of healing oneself no else else can give but yourself.

This process involves reflection, of looking back and onwards to ask why things happen and is the way it is.

Coupled with the very fact that you believe there is a way out, and you want to do something for yourself.

Then, disciplining oneself day after day to try and be better than yesterday.

There are obviously days which you break loose and get lazy. But these translate into inflammatory results that inform you the body doesn’t like it.

So after a few steps forward, you are set back. You realize there’s a little mistake somewhere , and you address and acknowledge then retrace the steps and try again.

One year later, I see improvements in the size and color of my keloids, and they are still there, pushing me to breakthrough once and again maintaining healthy self care habits.

A lot of credit goes to not just team who has shared invaluable advice but from the support from this very lovely community Sharing with souls who share experiences and great ideas of using nature properly, sometimes deliciously.

I think the journey is impressive and extremely important because it involves not only applications of nature but it brought about deeper processes of inner work that is vital to the evolution of the self we are. It involves countless dialogue sessions internally, interesting realisations, breaking out of old shells, becoming more and more open minded and transforming to becoming a better and better version of our self.

P, Spore
I’ve been plagued by excruciating endometrial pain & cramps for the past 8 years. I’ve tried numerous treatments ranging from surgeries, hormonal medication which provided temporary relief to alternatives like TCM, essential oils and energy medicine. Somehow I couldn’t get the desired solution.
It was by ‘chance’ that I was given this empowering process. I decided on the strict protocol to heal myself.
It’s still a work in progress but family and friends could see the transformation in just 2.5 months. I dropped 1 dress size, looked better overall and have more energy. I’m no longer plagued by those delibitating cramps 24/7. In addition, having the knowledge of how helped in my energy.

Even my family liked the benefits of the new living
I apply what I learned of philosophy. Dad mild dementia is also improved so much more alert now. Thank you.

Audrey, Spore
In january 2017, the pain multiplied to an unbearable level. My legs and feet became swollen and painful. Slightest touch would have me screaming in pain and my stomach started to feel like it was on fire.
One early morning, Without any symtoms, I vomitted and passed motion black color blood, shivering and drenched in cold sweat. Regardless of my fears of doctor’s, I was admitted to Singapore general hospital. After a week passed, a specialist informed us that I have inflamation and
tiny wound on my stomach. A senior doctor recommended me to stay longer to run more in -depth evaluations but after 10 days, i found no improvement and we decided to request a discharged against doctors advise. Worse, I was bed bound thereafter

Team counseled about my ability to walk again providing I follow through my own discipline.

There is obviously a connection knowing mind and body. Indeed in 7 days, I have the strength to walk. No more pain, no more swollen feet.

Am not only healed physically, but have also taught me to have a better life style, to be in tuned to nature and closer to our spirituality.

To acknowledge my deepest sincerity and appreciation,
I will just say in a Huge way ,

Bram, Surabaya
I had a severe muscle spasm around my neck. it was so bad. i cud hardly move my neck up dwn or left n right..was painful. my family got worried n rushed me to the doctor who gave me some strong painkillers n muscle relaxant. nothing really changed those 2 days. i spoke to team of it and In one counsel session, 90% of the pain was relieved and i was able to move my neck comfortably n by next session, no more pain. I felt as if it never happened. thank u team for relieving me of my pain.
Geeta, Singapore
Due to lack of oxygen in my blood, my face and lips were turning to a shade of black. This also caused my heart to overwork, and caused problems with my breathing. I will pant heavily after walking a few steps. I need to sleep with oxygen mask on in order to avoid suffocation in my sleep. In order to treat these problems, I have visited many doctors and took medication that caused my kidney to have problem and unable to release water in my body. Last Christmas, I was hospitalized for 17 days due to water retention, and I could not continue working as a security guard. I was very big sized. Thru out the years, even with exercise, my weight was still 100kg or so. After I started this protocol, I lost 10kg within a month! From 98kg to 88kg. It has been 2 months by now, and I am 74kg now (total weight lost of 24kg). Now I can walk easily and sleep well without the oxygen mask!
Ah Jie, 37 years old, Ex-Security Guard
To the teacher,

Thank you. I am very grateful to you for your selfless teaching and my condition to improve. You found the root of my problem and find out how to help me.

My condition improved, so I can have a normal work and rest. Sleep is stable, and complexion gotten better. Faith is very important, more importantly, I met the teacher, and did the right treatment.

This is also the so-called “fate and blessing”. Fate, I met the teacher, got his help. Blessings because I am blessed to do the right treatment.

Patience is also one of the treatment process. If there is no patience to wait and do treatment, it will be wasting teacher’s effort … I would like to thank the teacher, family and friends that encouraged me till my condition improved.

Give and take, treasure and gratitude. I really thank you, teacher

Tan Swee Yan, KL
I am 45 years old this year and i suffer a stroke in 12th may 2016. I’m suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. I was advised to do exercise and plant based natural therapy and see results in 6 weeks. I’m only into my 4th week of the work out plus natural therapy and I’ve seen amazing results. My blood sugar has return to a normal 7 and a lower cholesterol. Thank you so much. I have to work harder for a lower blood pressure! Gambate!!!
Jan Wong, Salon Manager
2 weeks ago, i had a severe knee pain and could hardly walk..had to use a walking stick. very painful. Since attending treatment, there is much improvement and I now can walk comfortably without a stick and feel confident to travel overseas. I didn’t have to see any doctor. Thank You.
I have severe heart palpitation and SVT, with heart rate ranging around 90-100 on a regular basis. I am thankful to get assisted about 3 months ago and learn to allow me to have a healthier body. Though episodes of palpitation and SVT still occurs but I feel that I am stronger and the recent episodes are less energy draining compared to the previous ones. Within these 3 months, majority of the time, I do feel that my heart rate is lower ranging around 80-90 which is rare for me in the past.
Miss Pan Jialin, Tutor, Singapore
Brennan was diagnosed with Lowe Syndrome at the age of 1 year old. His anxiety level was to the max and his often meltdown left us helpless always for the past 10yrs.

After consulted the team and followed their protocol for about 4 months, there is a vast improvement in their feedback by his teacher.
Brennan is showing a lot of initiatives in answering his teacher in full sentences which is one of the biggest milestone seen this year.
He’s able to calm himself down & be more understanding amidst difficult situations ( esp during rainy days & new environments) and he’s able to stay more focused for longer durations.
Very grateful to the team.

Mother of Brennan, Singapore
Thank you very much for coming to Sibu and giving us valuable teaching and pointers. Thanks to Teacher LinLing for forming our parent group, and arranging learning opportunities. Thank you to the parents for selfless sharing and the most importantly, our mutual encouragement.

1. After the suggestion, my wife and I started a natural therapy for our 5 year old son. 2-3 months later, his ability to express grew much faster than before. During times of difficulty, it is now relatively easy to overcome. In a few months, he had more eye contact with people while talking. It made me happy because he had ‘communication’ with people.
From Ting – Sarawak. Autism

After consultation, we started the natural therapy. 3 months later, he made progress and was more confident. Nowadays, he will attempt to try a few times when he have situations that he need to accomplish, unlike crying immediately. He also began to sing a note or two with us. Especially in terms of sleep, he can easily sleep, and even at night it is not easy to wake him up. Now, he is not only cheerful, he began to be “naughty”. Thank You
From Ruth – Sarawak. Autism

After the teacher’s suggestions, my wife and I started natural therapy for our 7-year-old son. 2-3 months later, we observed that his eyes are more focused, and he has more patience and understanding. His diet was also better in a few months. Thank You
From Chung Yi ‘s Father – Sarawak. Autism

Group of Autism's Parent
When I met the team back in February this year, I went in with a plethora of complaints, common symptoms experienced by many these days. Constant fatigue regardless of how many hours of sleep I get, deteriorating eyesight, skin allergies, difficulty sleeping, all the symptoms that can be attributable to high stress work and lifestyle.

I’ve been to several doctors with regards to my eyes. Since young, I have always had bad eyesight. I started wearing glasses when I was 10 and at 16, switched to contact lenses. When studying in the States, I began to develop allergies, primarily hay fever during the spring season when pollens are abundant. My eyes would be the first to act up, and for almost the entire spring, I would be wearing thick glasses. I am severely myopic, minus 8 to be exact. So my glasses are heavy and uncomfortable to say the least. Recently, I frequently have conjunctivitis as a reaction to contact lens wear. My doctors told me I have to consider stopping contact lens wear and switch to glasses or have lenses implanted into my eyes. None of these options are appealing to me.

Following the team’s prescription, I saw my vision improved drastically even after a short 2-3 months. My world seems to be brighter, sharper and clearer—I constantly am amazed at what I see these days. (This must be how those blessed with 20/20 vision sees the world! I thought to myself ) Anyway, I am happy that I can wear my contact lenses daily without reactions these days, and I suspect that my prescription has changed since sometimes the vision is so clear that I get dizzy? I have not checked my prescription yet but I will continue to follow the team’s protocol.

Other than vision improvement, I feel more energized these days, I sleep well at night and wake up refreshed. Also, I used to have little bumps on my arms that many dermatologists were unable to cure. Sometimes, it was misdiagnosed as a form of eczema. I learned later after numerous visits to various dermatologists, that it actually is keratosis pilaris. Anyway, at some point, I gave up and learnt to accept this as something I have to live with for the rest of my life. Now, I am happy to say that the unsightly bumps are gone but the scars still remain.

I am hopeful my eyesight will continue to improve and will continue to follow the team’s protocol. Thank you team for introducing me to a bright new world!

Anon, Indonesia, Happy Camper
A very stressful, tiring and worrying journey since beginning of the year from ICU stay that hook on to urine catheter, breathing tube n NGT feeding to current assisted care that’s free from tubes and able to eat blended food.
But then It was really unbelievable when the team assured us that my dad will return to general ward the next day if we do according to his teaching when he was in ICU due to low consciousness. He did!
His bladder function had improved significantly where he used to have retention of 70ml. Today scan shows zero retention. Very Grateful and Thank you the team !!!
Ivy, Singapore, Daughter of Mr Wong
Diagnosed sciatica syndrome (with 3 slipped discs) just before Chinese New Year. The pain manifested by the process of sitting, standing and walking was excruciating.

The spine professor told me that surgery is not possible and I would be wheel chair bound. Went for expensive physiotheraphy and renown acupuncture but the sheer pain lingers.

Relentlessly, I seek the team for consultation. Amazingly I was heal in 2 months by a hard to believe technique I was to do myself partly.

Amazingly, I can walk faster than my colleagues and could swim like a fish. Life was great with my new burst of energy.

Thank you team.

Chris Chua, 52, Director, faceofman
When my baby girl was 3 weeks old, doctors discovered bacteria infection in her brain and operation was necessary. After 6 times of operations and insertion of a tube to remove excess water from the brain, the doctors declared my daughter to have a brain damage. As parents, it was very hard for us to accept this. Doctors gave up treatment on her. After operations, my daughter will always sleep in a C shape as her body cannot be straighten. Everyday she need to rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep. Even by doing so, she cannot sleep for more than 3 hours each time. During this period of time, there were a lot of problems with my daughter for example, deafness, hand and feet movements were rare, unable to open her eyes and so on. My friend suggested me to see the team. I follow their suggestions and protocol. Now, my daughter can sleep without sleeping pills and her body is not longer C shaped when she sleep. 3 months later, my daughter made huge improvements! Her ears could hear, and she would start to look for the source of the sound. Her hands and feet are starting to have response. Her eyes could see now. After meeting the team, they gave us a lot of confidence and hope. We believe our daughter will still have huge room for improvements.
Mei Yee, Malaysia
I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in Jan 2016 and was advised by top breast surgeons to go for mastectomy or chemo to shrink the tumor to perform lumpectomy. Thanks to my sil, I met up with the team who recommended me various lifestyle changes and holistic therapy.
After just 1.5months on the team’s protocol, I went for a follow-up ultrasound scan. The results showed that the tumor on my right breast has shrunk down and many cysts in both my breasts have miraculously disappeared. Thanks team!
Due to my daughter’s autism spectrum, she hardly sleeps, stay awake whole day and stay very hyper and active till dawn around 5-6 am. She will then start to sleep for around 2 hours and head to school. This has been haunting us because we are working parents and if she do not sleep she will have problem in school. She can’t focus during classes, at times she can laugh whole day. I got very upset and heart aches when I see that she is like that.
Thanks to my Aunty, she recommend the team to me. So I brought my daughter to see the team, after therapy and following team’s protocol, her sleep improved tremendously. I am very grateful to the team. He helped her with a problem which is affecting us for more then 10 years. Frankly, in the past, I would need to feed my girl with drug to help her sleep every night if not she would not sleep. Sometimes, even the medicine cannot work. After following his protocol, my girl will sleep from 10plus till next day 8am.
My hubby saw the team on nov 25th for his severely diminished vision on both eyes arising from diabetes coupled by post operation complications

The team got down to work immediately by giving us strict protocols consisting of dietary changes, home care plus weekly therapy.

Three months on my husbands vision is getting better with a bonus in a vast improvement in his other vital health indicators , chief of which is his blood sugar which is at 5.9% (hba1c)

We are over the moon about this as this is very good for a diabetic with a 25 year history on medication
Now his diabetic medication is only 1/2 tablet and he is able to consume one full bowl of noodles at one meal

We look forward to more good days ahead.

Mrs Ong, Johor
I was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer with a spread to the bones. The team has been complementing medical profession advices and care from hospital, the team has helped me a great deal to control the spread myself by strict counseling and motivation. Today the bones metastases have cleared and the cells are inactive. Thank you team! You guys are amazing! Please continue the good works
JL, a survivor of cancer, Procurement, Singapore
I want to share this- written by my daughter:
“I went to see the team after having seen a few other doctors. I had been having pains in my lower back, legs and shoulders. The team recommended a series of oils and suggested I sign up for holistic sessions. They helped tremendously and I had visible improvement. The team and my therapist, both also gave me advice on how to sleep, sit and exercise. My spinal alignment has improved so much and my pain has decreased by a large degree”
As a mother, I felt I had to share with all..esp those having similar problems.
Thanks team.
My 11 yrs old gal, Nichole had serious asthma and eczema since she was a toddler and often hospitalised up to a few times in a year. I have tried many natural remedies but no avail. After consulting the team and adhering strictly to their recommended protocols using supplements + lifestyle changes, I am grateful that she is no longer asthmatic with her eczema under control and has not visited any doctor or hospital for the past 1 year !
Huey Huey, Nichole's mummy
My MIL commented that she is more comfortable bringing my daughter out without us which last time is impossible as she have no confident, because of the unstability of my daughter due to her autism spectrum.
We can see improvement of my daughter. She is more aware and can listen to us. Bringing her to the public is much easier now.
Got feedback from school teachers that she is very compliant this year.
All this thanks to the team, they gave me hope that my daughter can be healed.
Thanks for your faith in Shannon and give us hope, team.
Serene, mother with autistic daughter
I used to have sweaty palms frequently due to my hormonal issue and heart problem. After consulting the team, my hands have stayed dry, and I absolutely love it! My health had definitely improved too. My gratitude for what a blessing you have been to me. So thankful!
Joey Low, Esthetic Teacher
Before I met the team .. my skin was dull and skin tone uneven . Now after .. skin became clearer, brighter,skin tone even and pores smaller. From everyone’s comment the word is,brighter always mentioned about my skin.
I lost weight without much effort..followed closely to protocol given by the team
Now whole body felt light and cleansed
Janice, Banker
Thank you. I admire your contribution to the field of energy medicine.
DR JAMES L OSCHMAN, Author of Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis.
Professor, Akaima University, Hawaii, USA.
Before I visited the team for consultation, my health was not in a good shape-exhausted, tired, irregular menses, negative emotion, migraine always, dull skin..
After following the protocol recommended by the team, just after three months, my energy level increase, skin colour tone out, emotionally more positive and took much much much less panadols. Yet my menses still had not come after 3 months.
Following second phase protocol suggested by the team, the menses finally come after another 3 months!
Jin Hoon, Engineer
Hazel is my 4 year old daughter suspected of shaken baby syndrome. Previously does not walk by herself, eat and chew by herself. She has minimum level of communicating and expressing with us via body languages. After 4 sessions of coaching with the team across 4 month, Hazel has started cruising more and is showing signs of that attempting to make that first step to walk. She is less weary of people touching her face and hand. She has shown improvements during food play, willing to accept different taste & textures of food. She is also able to locate toys and reach out for them.
Dowin, Mother
He was more focused and alert like so grounded. To extent at times I found his behaviour and responses to be more neurotypical. Behaviour was also better. He was also verbalising a bit more as though he was talking although it was a mumble. I was pleased and amazed within 6 months. about it. This workshop has opened up my mind gave me the knowledge to help others.
Rosa Wong, with 30 years old Autistic son
My son recently expressed his own feelings which never happened before:
a) “He is unhappy at home” to his tutor in beginning Feb 15;
b) “He is pity” 2 times to my elder sister in 3 Qtr of Jan, who came to visit me. He spoke his feeling again to my elder sister when he awoke from his epilepsy breakthrough in the private hospital.

Heart-broken to hear the above. Nevertheless, I’m glad that he is at least expressed his feeling but disappointed that he didnt tell me instead. Thank you very much for your energy healing. I see my son is improving…
Thank you for treating my son. He has been improving his speech & cognitive recently :-

1). He knows where to cycling back to my mom’s house during Chinese New Year when he secretly rode a bicycle out alone ( in a chinese village with many streets ) despite he seldom been in my mom’place.

2). He speaks a lot. Can express his feeling ( he said ” I’m tired as I was not slept well last night ” this morning etc ).

3). Free of epilepsy since Jan 15.
Pls continue to heal Daniel & let him becomes a happy normal kid.

” Happy & healthy Chinese New Year to you & your family. ”

Very Gratitude for your efforts…… God blesses you & your family….

Karen Tok, Mother. Autistic Son

I am currently undergoing treatment by the team. He assessed my pulse, aligned my spine, engaged scientific device during assessment, for my treatment. He requested me to do earthing, avoid radiation, and go vegetarian. I saw encouraging results after the first month of following his protocol, for the treatment of my menopause. After I completed the first therapy session, I felt that my body was full of clean energy. It was so different from the normal massage. My friends commented that my energy level has improved so much.
Right now, the tumors or lumps on my right breast have disappeared , and I no longer felt pain on my left breast . My skin constantly detoxing now and they has done a session of lymphatic drainage for me. Thank you team.

May Heng
My daughter has gone through numerous therapies & treatments for epilepsy and delayed development. After starting the team’s program for 3 months, we slowly saw positive changes in her. She used to be in her own world & disliked hugs or touches. Then over the next few months, she started sitting next to us & be close to us everywhere we went. There were more consistent eye contacts and slight improvement in seizure control. She is curious at sounds and would look in the direction the sound came from. There are still ups & downs but we know that healing is taking place.
Hi I’m Matilda. I suffered from PCOS about 7 years ago. For the first five years I’ve consulted many top specialists and even TCMs without much help. It was until I consulted the team who recommended me some lifestyle changes that all the cysts in my ovaries disappeared in 3 months miraculously!
Matilda, Banker
My trigger finger, at the ring finger of right hand started in July. Doctor said it is due to imflammation. The team asked me to follow his method. I consider trigger finger has been cured after 3.5 months of appying the oils. Incidentally, just told Ken that my trigger finger has been cured with the 3 oils recommended by the team one evening at my Qigong class. Thank you very much team for helping with my trigger finger problem.
Cindy Ho, Retired School Teacher
The teacher just told me that Gabriel talked to his friend, 2 way communication in school today. It has been difficult for him to talk to kids and he is doing it now. It must be you doing your thing and I am so happy. Thank you team.
Gabriel's Mum
I have problem breathing with severe pain, uncontrollable rashes and menstrual problem. After visited the team on 25th September 2014,advices were given how to use the oil effectively. After used till now, asthma attack has been reduced, breathing is more comfortable, rashes also reduced as compared to before, menstrual pain has reduced and improved; again must work well with healthy meal routine and without eating meat for good. Thank you team.
Ho Choi Mei, Housewife
Tang Phui Fong, Teacher
Diabetes, an illness that has no cure in today medical context. Have been suffering from Diabetes for 12 years. After seeing the team for 4 months, I’ able to achieve hba1c of 7% which is of optimal level. Truly amazing!!
Ivy, Purchaser
My Son (Zech) used to be an angry and short-tempered boy. After consultation with the team, we are so delighted to see a transformation in Zech. Zech has since become a calmer and loving person who readily repents and forgives. He even asked for hugs at night before going to bed, which we would never have experienced in the past. He would not even allow us to touch or hold him in the past. Thank you team for this wonderful transformation which brings so much peace and happiness to our family.
I had thought going to a hearing aid doctor specialised in hearing for my hearing problem. I have been deferring. My 1st treatment with the team in July 2014. After the 1st treatment, I had noticed my hearing improves tremendously. My working & social life improve, where better understanding and information was being related. I had become more focus on my work.
Brenda Lee
After starting the treatment, I start to feel better emotionally. I begin to feel happier and I am able to sleep better at night. Physically wise, my complexion improved greatly as there were less pimples on my face, and my face became much smoother. On top of that, I had also lost weight of around 5kg too. All in one month.
Jevin, Polytechnics Student
Thank the team for treating my sleep , neck pain, blurt vision and giddiness. After the treatment, my sleeping has improved, less neck pain, vision is clearer and less giddiness. I feel my complexion clearer.
This book is an eye-opener! Just when we thought we had seen it all with books like Lynne McTaggart’s The Field and Rupert Sheldrake’s Seven Experiments That Could Change the World, along comes the exciting and scientifically-backed account of people like the team, who defied the odds and went against conventional medical wisdom to emerge triumphant in a face-off with death. A must-read for those who wish to keep in good health and maintain their vitality, youth and vigor by simply changing the way they see the world around them. This book has reminded me that all of life, including my body, is a spectacular miracle. I highly recommend this book!
DR MEL GILL, Author of The International Bestseller The Meta Secret
I had severe pain in my neck and numbness down my right arm that worsened over a 3 year period until I could no longer tolerate it and consulted an osteopath and 2 neurosurgeons. MRI showed 2 slipped disks and calcification that pinched off the nerves. All said neck surgery is mandatory to recover. I was inspired by your talks and I read your book. I decided to take responsibility for myself and visualize that I heal myself. Soon after I started, my pain and numbness diminished to zero. It’s been 3 continuous months without pain. Next year I plan another MRI to see if there is measurable physical improvement. Thank you for inspiring me to heal myself.
Wes Heiser, USA
One word to sum up my feelings so far: wow. I am shocked. You’ve described your Experiences and ordeals SO vividly and honestly… Its hard not to get absorbed and to think abt how and what happened when such an illness is so intimate… Thank you for your courage and in sharing with us. Thanks for being real.
Stephanie Milani Theng, Indonesia
I found this Technique very profound and informative. I will apply and practise to enhance my daily life
Catherine Sim
Open Eye Meditation & practice exercise on the intuition development; Good and clear presentation.
Fiona Soh, Business Woman
Practical Exercise on intuition.
Eileen Tong
Hearing of advanced obscure scientific knowledge like water’s ultra properties, ways to charge water, and expand consciousness, and other inspiring out of the world knowledge
Kiang Kian San, Engineer
The part where the mind (void) is most powerful impacts my life the mosts, and other inspiring out of the world knowledge.
Marcus Choo, NSF
Mandala & financial healing and drawing give my life the most impact, thank you for your teaching.
Geene Huang, Fengshui Master & Orchid Essence Therapist
The team has written the most important book I have read this decade.
Why? Because their experience reveals/affirms that the root of all illnesses begins in the mind…his young mind was filled with anger and resentment which boiled over to acts of violence. Then, as he entered his 30s, his angst & ambition, coupled with his relentless drive to succeed in his bio-medical career, led to his paralysis and blindness. His body simply shut down. The medical experts in Singapore’s General Hospital were completely baffled. They treated him blindly – even giving him chemotherapy – in the end they told him that there was nothing medical science could do for him. Only a miracle could make him walk and see again. And he created his own Miracle! In his darkest hours he made what he calls a Connection with his Creator (the God source) by “going within”…Since hope of healing from without (i.e doctors & drugs) was gone, he was forced to fall back on himself. With a body emanciated and crumpled with pain, he had only his mind to journey within. As he began soul-searching, probing deep within, he realized the pain and hurt he had caused his parents…and he was truly penitent. Bingo! that was the breakthrough…just as his sickness had been caused by his anger & ambition filled mind, now his genuine remorse was triggering healing in every cell. And, just as importantly, as he turned the corner, he vowed that he would use his experience to help others who are suffering and to repay his parents for their unwavering care and faith in him. He had found his purpose for recovery… And this book tells very heart-warming stories of the people he started helping, even as he himself was struggling to regain his full strength. There are vitally important lessons for all of us in his story.
Betty L Khoo-Kingsley, Author: Cancer Cured & Prevented, Naturally (3rd edition)
When my father was warded in the hospital for a heart attack, I called him and asked him what I could do on my part to help my father. He shared that I could help my father by praying for his life energy to increase. Fortunately, I heeded his advice and my father’s condition did indeed improve. I strongly believe that having faith in prayers gave my family and me the extra boost that we needed. Hiss sharing on how we should pray from the heart continues to make a difference in our lives.
Shan Lim, Author of How Do Ordinary People Achieve Extraordinary Dreams
The human body is a masterpiece of God’s creation that has its own ability to heal when the conditions are favorable. The team, through their own experience, has shown how one can overcome a crisis to heal oneself and help heal others. This book is a wonderful reflection of this ability and gift that God has endowed in everyone.
Dr Chua Teck-Mean, Researcher, Energy Medicine
He proved himself to be a miracle maker when my mom was admitted to the hospital on the brink of death. Through his healing touch, my mom made a miraculous recovery that left the managing doctors dumbfounded. He is truly a healer and I am thankful and extremely blessed to have been touched and influenced by his amazing work.
Dr Vincent Tan, MBBS, MRCS, MMED (Surgery), Founder of Wizard Warrior Training
Donna, my mother’s friend collapsed with a pain in her stomach, and the virus got everywhere, critical stage in Dec/ Jan, he taught the family how to awaken her when all the doctors gave nothing but datelines. Now she woke up and is back home! Thank you!
Isaac KK Loong, Inventor, Architect - London
His book brings you on a personal journey together as he accounts his intimate life journey to the crux of his very existence. At breaking point, where his mind was the only piece of dignity strapped over his forsaken body, his true journey unravels itself as a personal and mental transformation over the physical state. From a world void of senses, His seemingly miraculous reversal of paralysis and blindness brings greater and deeper insight than before. Similarly, the true journey herein for the reader starts from his sharing of the first-hand details of his self-healing, including perspectives from a lay person to a scientist. This is an extraordinary compilation of diverse healing knowledge, proven to work, and from personal experience. A simply priceless read for those who seek and appreciate a connection with the inner self.
Dr Chris Yang, Cell Biologist, National Univeristy of Singapore
He was sharing about the status quo regarding health. As most would discuss status quo qualitatively, he went above it by providing hard science during the discussion. Its hard to believe that health is a combination of an art and science but after reading his book, I discover through his personal journey of how he conquer paralysis and blindness, that the approach to good health is more than just reliance on medicine and genetics, but more of a choice and the willingness to grow. To an avid runner and health enthusiast like myself, the notion that healing starts with ourselves, is simply heartening. He was sharing about the status quo regarding health. As most would discuss status quo qualitatively, he went above it by providing hard science during the discussion. Its hard to believe that health is a combination of an art and science but after reading his book, I discover through his personal journey of how he conquer paralysis and blindness, that the approach to good health is more than just reliance on medicine and genetics, but more of a choice and the willingness to grow. To an avid runner and health enthusiast like myself, the notion that healing starts with ourselves, is simply heartening.
Mr Dias Lo, Avid Runner and Businessman
Hey, I finished reading your book in a day because I couldn’t put it down!!! I’ve since sent the copy to a friend overseas who can’t wait for the book to be sold in amazon end of this month. Lol!!! My friends abroad are asking for it after I told them about your miraculous recovery. Anyway it’s a great inspiration…
Eileen Kate Teo, Reader
After reading your book, I feel that you are physically and mentally strong to overcome all your struggles and illness and most important you have the ability to withstand all negative effects on you whereby your faith and courage has brought tremendous effect and healed you completely. You are really indeed amazing and your book is awesome and miraculous! God bless you…